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Noah Jacob Madison Cardamon Oct 5th, 1981 - May 30, 2005 A virtual memorial for a beautiful soul.

Friday, January 26, 2007

ATribune Story

Four bicyclists died on Portland streets in 2005.
It’s not an unusual number — four died in 2003, five in 2001.
They were killed in all parts of the city — North, Northeast, Southeast, downtown. Only one of the four was determined by Portland police to have been at fault in the crashes that took their lives. And in keeping with the average modern-day Portlander, none of them was born in the city.
But even in bike-mad Portland, it can be easy to forget those riders once had names, faces, friends and families. Aside from the memorial rides organized in their honor, there is little public accounting of who they were.
These are their stories.
• • •
Noah Cardamon could play the didgeridoo.
He learned it when he was 9 after he saw a San Francisco street musician play one. His first one was homemade, from PVC pipe, which he used until his father bought him a real one for Christmas.
His grandmother home-schooled him for several years in Corvallis, where he moved after being born with the aid of a midwife at a house in Sunnyvale, Calif. As a child, he loved to draw. He also loved animals.
He moved in with his single father, Thomas Cardamon Jr., when he was 8.
Only 23 when he died, Cardamon never finished high school but always seemed to have a job, sometimes more than one. Video store clerk, bartender, Beaterville Cafe waiter.
He kept his hair cut short, which only made his brown eyes look bigger. His looks reflected his mother’s heritage: half-black and part American Indian.
He kept journals that his family would not see until after his death.
“We didn’t really know until we read his journals how talented he was,” his father said.
He struggled with alcohol, his father said — working as a bartender didn’t help — and planned to quit his jobs and take work fishing in Alaska for the summer.
“I found the list of clothes and supplies he was going to need in his messenger bag,” Thomas Cardamon said.
He planned on going to a school for bicycle mechanics in Ashland after he got back from Alaska.
Cardamon loved his bike, built it himself from the frame up.
And the messenger bag his father found went with him everywhere. It was on his back May 30 when his bicycle veered into a car at Southeast 49th Avenue and Stark Street around 2 a.m. He was not wearing a helmet.
Two teenage girls in the car initially told police they found Cardamon already on the ground, later admitting being involved in the accident.
“I still don’t know if Noah was alive after they hit him or what his last words may have been,” Thomas Cardamon said. “I wish I knew exactly what happened.”

Driver - Dana Abdullah
formerly of Alaska Age 18. Borrowed friends car and had no insurance

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Noah's Resume

Noah J. Cardamon

Telephone (503) xxx-xxxx

Overview: I am a motivated, self-reliant individual, clean, honest, prompt and courteous. I am an experienced line cook and am familiar with ordering, inventory, daily food preparation and sanitation. I am looking for work with similar challenges and rewards. I enjoy working in restaurants, cooking, interacting with fellow employees and creating a positive work place. My experience includes Customer Service, Cooking, Baking, Dishwashing, Cleaning, Waiting & Bussing Tables. My current place of employment is at Biddy McGraw’s Irish Pub.

Work Experience (First to Last)

Gabriel’s Bakery 11th & Broadway Portland, OR (503) 227-4469

Job title: Baker

I was responsible for Production in Baking Pastries, Cookies and Muffins. I filled orders for the next day as the solo night Baker. I was responsible for filling invoices and making sure boxes were completed accurately and on time. I held this part time job while I was attending High School. Supervisor Amilcar Alvarez.

The Beaterville Café 2201 N Killingsworth Avenue Portland, OR (503) 735-4652

Job title- Cook (approx 1 ½ years)

I began working here as a Dishwasher and then was promoted to a Cook. I prepared American style traditional Breakfast dishes, Omelets, Sandwiches and Waffles. I Waited on Guests and Bussed tables. Supervisor Bill Locner.

JR Johnson Incorporated N. Killingsworth, Portand, OR (503) 240-3388

Job title- Shop Hand (summer job)

This is a commercial painting and construction company. I was responsible for distributing and receiving equipment and filling orders. I kept the shop clean and organized. I also made job-site deliveries using the company truck. Supervisor Chris Johnson

The Vita Café 3024 NE Alberta Street Portland, OR (503) 335-8233

Job title- Cook

I was a Cook and a Dishwasher at this Vegetarian and Vegan Café. I cooked Mediterranean and Asian style dishes, preparing produce, salads and entrees. Supervisor Clarence Florens.

Pastaworks 3735 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR (503) 232-1010

Job title- Delicatessen Cook

I stocked, maintained, and prepared foods for the Deli case. I was responsible for the appearance and freshness of all food items in this upscale Italian and Mediterranean Food Delicatessen.

Kornblatt’s Delicatessen 628 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR (503) 242-0055

Job title- cook

Duties- cooked Jewish-style deli and breakfast dishes, food prep, and kitchen upkeep.

Biddy McGraw’s Irish Pub 6000 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR (503) 233-1178

Current employer. I am responsible for all aspects of the kitchen operation during the closing shift. I cook line items, entrees, salads, soups and appetizers. I close the line at night, prepare orders and back up items for the next day.


Metropolitan Learning Center (K-12)

I have completed numerous classes at the following:

Pacific North West College of Art

Portland Community College (currently enrolled)

Multnomah Art Center


I have a valid Oregon driver’s license with a spotless record.

Multnomah County Food Handler’s card

References Furnished Upon Request

Monday, January 22, 2007

Noah Photos

Noah and Aunt Helen Spencer - Sunnyvale, CA 1981

Noah Photos

Noah, Zoe Raab and Grover the dog in New Mexico

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Noah in Portland, Oregon at Grandma's house.

Noah photos...